Tuesday, January 25, 2011

JMeter Notes

HTTP Proxy Server URL Patterns RegEx:
.*\.action          ====> all actions that ends with .action
.*\.action\?*     ====> all actions that contain parameters
.*\uri_name      ====> specific uri
.*\uri_name\?.* ====> specific uri with parameter

JMeter Variables
1. Global variable is created at Test Plan level
2. Global variables can be referenced using ${VARIABLE} in element level
3. JMeter context variable can be referenced using ${__VARIABLE} at element level. e.g. ${__threadNum}
4. Element level 'value' field cannot perform arithmetical calculation such as + - * / or string concatenation
5. PreProcessor can be used to handle variable calculation and algorithem in familiar scripting language
6. BSF Processor is the standard implemenation of JSR223 Processor

Useful Links
JMeter - User's Manual: Component Reference
JMeter - User's Manual: Functions and Variables

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