Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Store PDF Books on iPhone and iPad

I was searching for a way to manage my PDF books on my iOS device so I can read it anywhere.  And I found that there is a easy way of doing that without downloading any new apps.
To store your PDF books in iOS device is easy:
  1. Send PDF file to yourself as email attachment
  2. Open the PDF in your email on your iOS Device
  3. On the top right corner of the PDF view, there is a option button.  Touch that button and select "Open in iBook".  Now your PDF books will be stored in your iBook liberary.
The reading experience of iBook is way better than reading attachment in email.  Plus you can pick up where you left when you open the book next time.  Also, since your PDF is now in iBook it will be automatically sync to your PC over iTunes and to other iOS device over iCloud.  Cool!

The only limitation to this method is that the size of the book is limited by your email attachment size.
But it should be enough to cover many of your books.  Have fun reading your PDF on iPad and iPhone!