Tuesday, June 16, 2009

iPhoto 8.0.3 update has bugs

I have updated iPhoto and safari couple days ago but didn't notice until today that the iPhone got a serious bug after update. The one that annoyed me the most is the map is no longer draggable. Instead of dragging the map, I'm dragging a single map tile...

As usual, I open my brawser and start looking for answers. I come across the post iPhoto 8.0.3 updater bug bites many and quickly found the solution (rather a workaround) for the map issues inside the post comments.

What I need is to remove the 'my com.apple.iPhoto.plist' file from ~/Library/Preference folder. This file contains all your iPhoto personal settings, such as the size of thumb nails and alert messages. But don't worry, all your tags on Faces and Places are not in this file so removing the file will not removing your faces and places settings (what a relief!).

Unfortunately, the bug will come back after iPhoto got restarted. So go ahead remove the file again and restart your iPhoto, your maps in places will behave correctly.... I know it sucks, that's why it's just a workaround.

The post also issues some other bugs caused by this update, so if you experience big impact by those bugs, I encourage you to send feedback to apple through either iPhone (iPhoto->Provide iPhoto Feedback) or safari (safari -> report bugs to apple).

I do believe in Apple will come up with fixes for the bugs shortly. Meanwhile, just use the workaround.

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