Wednesday, June 10, 2009

AirPort Express - Music all around

Apple got this great idea that all speakers at home can play music in sync with the help with its AirPort Express.

Today, I bought one and gave it a try. It's surprisingly easy to setup. Just plug in the AirPort Express on the wall outlet close to my HiFi stereo then connect the audio into stereo. Then install the AirPort Utility in the CD shipped with the Express and follow a simple setup (it automatically finds the wireless network, if your computer is using that network, it even filled the password for ya!). All done in 5 mins!!

Now, in my iTune, there is a pull up menu available at the bottom right corner. From the menu I can select which speaker I want to play my music, e.g. from computer, from my stereo or both (now both my computer and stereo are playing music in sync!!).

What's even more amazing is the iPhone Remote application that is available on my iPhone. I can now remotely control my iTune on my phone which means full controll of my computer and stereo output!

I love this experience and will definitely install more Express when I have a bigger house. Imagine walking in my house with all the speakers playing same music in sync.... This feeling is like walking in a shopping mall... Cool

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